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It's the tools that make me this awesome. March 16, 2010

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So, in case you didn’t know, I’m a big supporter of direct sales.  Especially WAHM (work at home moms) who operate some sort of direct sale business.  So that means that Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, Celebrating Home, Avon, and all the others get my money before some big brand/store.
And I truly believe in the quality of what you pay for.  With that said, I think that everyone who knows someone in direct sales should help support them in business.  They believe in what they sell!  If the didn’t, they wouldn’t be in the business.  And before you say, “Well I can’t afford it!”  there are always ways to get it free or at a discount.  If they are a really close friend, I think they should be offering a discount, especially if you are a repeat customer, but that’s just me.  It also depends a LOT on their company policies and how it all works in the administrative side.  It may not be possible to offer a discount without it coming straight out of their pocket and it’s hardly fair to ask your friend to pay for you to have a discount, isn’t it?
So, anyway, the point of this post was so I could tell you my favorite items that I’ve bought recently and don’t think I could live without.  Ok, I could live without, but I don’t wanna!

Pampered Chef.  Seriously, I considered selling this stuff to get it all, but in order to do that, I would have had to do parties, and that involves dishes.  I hate doing dishes.  Above all other things, I hate to do dishes.  So that was out of the question.  But when I need something, I order from my friend Geli.  I got a good start on my PC products by hosting a PC show.  They have a great hostess plan.  If you haven’t hosted a show, I encourage you to, especially if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen.  More especially if you spend that time in the kitchen cooking.  Because while PC has some wonderful serving pieces, it’s really all about their kitchen tools that make it so much better.
My favorite-can’t-live-without:

  • Stainless Steel Bowls  I use these for everything mixing.  bread dough, cookie batter, casserole filling, etc.
  • Measuring Cups OMG, I had no idea I needed these until I got them.  I’m a fan of measuring utensils, but these have become priceless to me.  Even though the large 4 cup has disappeared.  Bummer.
  • Knives When they say the knives make all the difference, they aren’t kidding.  I didn’t spend full price on these cuz I’m not that nuts, but I did spend a lot more than I would have normally spent on plain ol’ knives.  BUT believe me when I say they are worth every single solitary penny.  And they come with a lifetime warranty, so they are worth it even more.
  • Stoneware I love me some stoneware.  It’s basically the most amazing cooking product ever.  Well, silicone comes close, but I don’t 100% fully trust that yet.  Stoneware has been around basically forever (I don’t know exactly – geez!) but it’s amazing.  And multi-use.  Microwave, oven, freezer, easy-peasy to clean, Genius!
  • Scraper Ok, I love these so much I have 3!  In two different sizes!  AACK!  I could easily have more too.  
  • Can Opener The best can opener ever.  Enough said.
I’m sure there’s lot more awesome PC products, and I have more, but these are my almost-use-daily-if-not-absolutely-several-times-a-day stuff.
Tupperware, so my disclaimer here is I used to sell Tupperware so I’m absolutely biased, but these are the things I use on a constant basis and don’t know if I could live without.  Ok, I’m sure I could live without, but I wouldn’t want to!
  • Modular Mates All sizes, colors, shapes, whatever.  These are the mother of organized cabinets.  I keep lots and lots in my Mod Mates.  I miss the ones I’ve lost, destroyed, given away.  I always want more, even if I have no use for them.  Oh, how I love my Mod Mates.
  •  Season Serve I use this way more that for it’s intended purpose.  My husband melted one half once and went right out and replaced it because he was afraid of me of how I would react of me being sad because it was broken.
  • Mix-N-Store Ok, in my house this is just called the big-ass-measuring cup.  I have 2.  I get very upset if it’s used as a leftover storage dish.  Just ask my kids.  But I use them regularly and love, love, love it. 
  • Stack Cooker. This is probably my number one most used item in my kitchen.  Mixing dishes, warm up food dishes, cook a meal dishes, serving dishes.  It’s my everything-dish.  And I have 2 sets.  And they are in constant use.  And looking up the link showed me they now come in purple, which may mean needing a third set.  Because mine are plain ol’ original 15 year old beige.  Definitely might need purple.
  • Measuring cups and spoons Really happy I can knock these out as one, but not so fond of the red.  I have white, love the white, love the sets.  I don’t think red would go very well with what will soon-be-my-new purple stack cooker.
  • Shape-o-ball toy Talk about a classic.  Every single one of my kids had one of these (And I’m pretty sure it was all the same one, but you never know.)  I’ve had to buy a replacement set of shapes, but that’s ok.  We had duplicates!  And when my original broke, Tupperware replaced the entire thing, free of charge because it has an amazing warranty on it.  Lifetime if I remember right.  Every baby should have one.  They learn shapes, they play with the contrasting colors and it rolls.  Awesome!
  • Don’t have this, but I want it.  Found it while searching for links for this blog.  You know, this is one of the things I love about Direct Sales companies.  They give.  And the give to worthy causes.  The Boys And Girls Clubs are a great program (one my son has participated with) and deserve to be fundraised for!
Ok, that’s all for now.  I may do more later.  These are just the most fresh in my b
rain because I use them ALL THE TIME!  I mean, seriously, I went away to the beach and I brought a mod mated (full of splenda) and  a stainless steel bowl because I was making cinnamon rolls.