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Taco Tuesday January 28, 2010

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So… I stole “Taco Tuesday” from a friend and ran with it! We generally have some form of Mexican food on Tuesdays, although I have just done some other ethnic food as well, but very, very rarely.

So… this week was supposed to be Chemichangas but I didn’t do it. Sometimes that happens. I had avocado and I went weak. I love avocado on my burritos and so I made burritos instead. Yum. In fact I have leftovers and I want some!
So I have no “burrito secrets.” I brown up ground turkey (sometimes I use minced steak) and add canned (strained) black beans and mush them up a little with a potato masher. I guess that could be a secret? Maybe the fact that I make my own taco season is a secret? It really is no secret more than a way to save money.
I once bought a bottle of Ortega Taco Seasoning and loved the convenience of it so I looked up recipes on how to refill that spice bottle and this is what I’ve come up with. Change it up to suit your own needs.

Warning: these are kind of appx because I don’t really measure.

Taco Seasoning
16 tsp of powdered or minced onion
8 tsp of chili powder
3 tsp dried red peppers, crushed
2 tsp dried oregano
6 tsp salt
3 tsp cornstarch
4 tsp powdered or minced garlic
4 tsp ground cumin
Combine all ingredients into a plastic baggy, bowl or spice shaker/jar. I like to grind with my mortar and pestle before putting in my spice jar. Use anywhere from 1 Tbsp to 1/4 cup with your ground meat, depending on your preference and how much meat you use.
Anyway, I brown up my meat choice of the evening (beef, turkey, chicken, whatever) and while it’s browning I add taco seasoning. Whether you make your own or use the packet kind, doesn’t matter. I don’t follow the directions on the package. If you really know me, this shouldn’t come as a surprise because I rarely follow directions.
Anywho, I like to use a potato masher to make my ground up meat really fine. Strange, I know. Maybe not so strange? I know I read it as a kitchen idea once upon a time and I liked the idea so I’ve been doing it every since. I even think I bought my masher at a dollar store, so it’s a cheap idea at that!
See? Potato Masher!
yes, that’s 2 whole pounds of ground turkey! I have hungry teenagers and I LOVE leftovers!
Here is the finished product with black beans!
My friend and her family makes these awesome “Just Right Potato Bags” and they make the best tortilla warmers (among other things) and so here are my tortillas in my Potato Bag.

Just put the package of tortillas in the potato bag, microwave for 2 minutes and like magic you get soft, warm tortillas! Yes, I realize that is a lot of tortillas in there. Remember – teenagers? Plus they are the medium sized tortillas. And we save the original package to put them back into the fridge.

Add corn or salsa to your meat mixture for something different but yummy! Serve with shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, sour cream, SW Ranch (which you can make yourself by adding your taco seasoning to regular or lite ranch dressing), diced tomatoes (or salsa), and yummy avocado! Or whatever else you like to add to your taco/burritos! Or just make a big yummy taco salad instead!