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Cost breakdown of HM Granola Bars May 2, 2010

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Someone asked me to do a cost breakdown on my granola bars!  What a job!  But I did it and I’m happy to report that it cost me:
1.5 cup Peanut Butter: $1.17
1.5 cup Honey:  $.72
3 cups Cereal: $.43
3 cups Oats:  $.48
4 Tbsp Protein Powder: $4.32
1 cup Flax Seed: $.76
1 cup Trail Mix: $1.00
Total: $8.88 for 32 bars/ $.28 each bar

Now… buying all the ingredients cost a little more because obviously you can’t buy just what you need.  Here is what it cost me to buy each ingredient and how many it is a serving (and where I got it):

Ingredient *Total $ Svgs Svg size Where?
Peanut butter $3.12 32  (4 cups) 2 Tbsp Homemade
Honey $8.00 65 1 Tbsp Fred Meyers
Cereal $1.75 10 1.25cup Winco- Generic
Oats $1 13 .5 cup Albertsons – Generic
Protein Powder $14 13 27 grams (= to appx 1 oz) Fred Meyers – Designer Whey
Flax Seed $6.50 34 2 Tbs Bob’s Red Mill
Trail Mix $5.00 28 3 Tbsp Walmart
Total: $48.00

Prices may vary a bit depending on where you live and where you shop.

So, obviously it cost a bit to get the ingredients.  Some of these you might have around the house, I usually do.   And of course with these ingredients you can make lots of other stuff.

You might notice that my ingredients listed are slightly different than what my recipe calls for.  I didn’t have brown sugar on hand this week so I just compensated with extra peanut butter and honey.  I also added protein powder this week.  It was chocolate flavored.  Yummmmmm….