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My daughter… March 3, 2010

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Could she possibly be any cuter?  I doubt it!
So I have a stupid music obsession.  (OMG I can’t believe I’m going to indulge this, please don’t make fun of me!) It’s Miley Cyrus.  She’s catchy.  What?

So anyway, we (Jaizy and I) were watching the video for “Party In The USA” and Jaizy is dancing, and I’m encouraging her, cuz, ya know, I pay for dance classes and all, and it comes to the part where it says “And a Jay-Z song was on…” And Jaidelyn got so excited!  She’s screaming “It’s my song, It’s my song!” 

And so we’re cool like that.  I name my daughter after R&B singers and we listen to teeny boppers music.