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Ok, so… April 2, 2011

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I’ve met 2 of my 4 March Resolutions!  YAY!  I’ve registered my domain and combined my two blogs.  So all the posts that you used to find at can now be found here.  I will be closing that account within the next 30 days!  I will be also attaching my new domain to this blog by then as well!  Yipee!

Now I have to just get caught up on my blogging and continue writing on a regular basis.  No problem! lol…

I messed around with different blogging sites and I really like all the features that are on so I won’t be switching, however staying does actually require me to pay to forward my domain.  I think that bites!  There are many, many blog hosting sites that do not require a fee to do that, but since I don’t really want to start over, so to speak, and mess with exporting and importing (again!) I will just suck it up and pay the $12 a year.

So… here’s to goal accomplishments and success!  (and winning!)  (Sorry, had to add that in, my kids have been driving me nuts playing a Charlie Sheen game and it’s stuck.  How do I get it out?)