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Just my life… March 24, 2010

I married my high school sweetheart and then we ate like crap.  For 14 years. In the past 19  years we have had 4 children and I’m not about to let them leave the nest with nasty eating habits so in the last 5 years I’ve totally revamped our food outlook. Eating out is a rarity, instead of a priority.  Cooking from scratch is lovely.  Baking bread is divine.  Watching my children enjoy real food is priceless.

We are now into year 5 of eating healthier (and cheaper!) and while I haven’t lost as much weight as I’d like, I have had no problems keeping off what I have lost.  WIN!


UPDATE: I now have children that have moved on and out.  Our oldest child is a soldier in the United States Army.   His MOS is 68Charlie   (LPN).  Health and nutrition is important to him and he has a lot to lend me in the way of food education. Our next oldest is a senior in high school this year and he is hoping to spend his adulthood in sports medicine.  Not quite sure what route he will go yet, but somewhere in that general vicinity.   He excels in Track and Field (actually just the Field part) and enjoys working on his health and fitness, too.
These are success stories to me.


One Response to “Just my life…”

  1. Hoover Says:

    Dez. You rock. You are such a great parent, mom and friend. Never doubt your superwomanhood. That’s a new word, I am sure websters will be picking it up any day and sticking your picture next to it.

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