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I’m in Love February 16, 2010

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With Hungry Girl  dot  com
Seriously, she rocks major booty.  She has all these amazing swap recipes, where she takes something that tastes amazing and swaps the ingredients and cooking methods with something that doesn’t clog-your-arteries-simply-by-reading-it.  And then to make it an even more amazing experience she puts the WW point value.
Now I’m not doing WW currently/anymore but it’s a comfortable idea for me to watch points.  I know where I’m supposed to be point wise and the site I’m using to monitor my weight loss/exercise figures in WW points as well as calories, so it’s a win-win for me.
I get the daily HG (m-f) emails with little snip-its and then Jaqui mentioned she had her cookbook so I looked up some recipes on and fell in deeper-mad-love with the amazing woman that Hungry Girl is.

Here is one of the greatest swap recipes.

Make it, love it, thank me later.