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Happy Mother’s Day! May 9, 2010

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I just wanted to take a moment and wish all you mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day.

I’ve realized something this year that I have never realized before.  I had always had the impression Mother’s Day was a “Hallmark” holiday and is just used to be materialistic and commercial.

And then I started working for Hallmark.  And I read all the cards.  And there really is a card for everything!

And my wish for you is to take a moment and not only reflect on what your mother did for you, but what you carry through to for your own child(ren).  Maybe you don’t have children yet, so consider what was important to you as a child and what you want to carry through.

Maybe your mother wasn’t the best mother.  Maybe she was a terrible mother.  There are lessons learned from that as well.  Maybe you’ve decided children aren’t for you.   And that’s ok too.

I recently thought about single moms.  Most especially young, single moms and whatever reason they find themselves parenting alone doesn’t matter, but that I hope they get the recognition of a mother’s day for themselves.  If they are young, they probably don’t have children who attend school, who make crafts, who may not even be aware it’s a “special” day.  And maybe they are estranged from their families for whatever reasons.  And it’s especially important that they are acknowledged for the good job they are doing, or that they are capable of doing.  If you know someone who is parenting alone and their child is young, please reach out and just give them a “Happy Mother’s Day!”  It’ll mean a lot to them, I’m sure.

I don’t expect anything for Mother’s Day.  Except maybe a hug or two, a kind word, and no arguing!  (Who am I kidding, I have teenagers!)  I have requested that my mom-van get washed on the outside from my kids and I hope it does!  I have a nice dinner planned, which I will cook myself.

And I will sit back and be grateful for my husband and children, who have made me a wonderful mom and given me the opportunity to celebrate a day just for that!