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My Jaidelyn July 6, 2010

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Oh, how I love having my own little Jaidelyn.  I’m not sure I enjoy getting paid back the naughty little things I did when I was little by ten fold.  I mean, really, the only really naughty things I can remember doing is buttering the dog (No wisecracks!) and painting my blankie with nail polish.  I mean come on!  Not such a big deal when you consider all that Jaidelyn does in a day!

Here is a view of the last 24 hours:

Jaidelyn is playing in the dirt pile like it is Sand.  Ok, not so bad, cute even.  She’s throwing it, running it through her fingers, building little dirt mounds.  Ok, so obviously Jaizy needs sand in her sand and water table.  Gotcha.

Jaidelyn takes a shower.  Not such a big deal, except that she kinda hates it.  She does ok tonight and we get that job done.  Mom (me) goes to pick up Bubba from his girl’s house while Jason finishes bathing the babe and I come home to find little itty bitty pieces of paper in Jaizy’s room with *gasp* is that hair! on the floor.  There are scissors on her floor in the middle of the mess.  Oh my!  “Jaidelyn, it is NEVER ok to have scissors in your room!  If you want to cut you need to ask and do it with someone bigger at the table!”  “Ok Mommy.  I’m sowwy.”


Where’s my water?  It was right here… I turn around and Jaidelyn has my water cup on the floor with rocks in it as she takes the rocks out and lets the dog lick it.  Then it goes back into the water cup to start all over again.  “Um… Jaidelyn, is that my water?”  “Yes!  Sowwy mommy!”

(See a pattern?)

Jason comes out of the shower today after work and says there is a box lid in Jaidelyn’s room and it’s soaking wet.  On her wood floor.  I go get it, examine the room and ask her what it is.

“Water.  Sowwy mommy.”

“Where did you get the water?”

“From my soappy water buckets.”

“Show me.”

She runs into the living room and grabs two metal buckets off her bouncy horse that are bone dry.

“Where is the water?”

“In the bathroom!”  Mommy must be stupid to ask that questions!  (I’m sure she was thinking this.)

“Show me.”

“Ok Mommy!” She runs into the bathroom.  “Right there.”

There is toilet paper in the sink.  What on earth was she doing?  And when?  I checked on her like 3 times during rest time and she was hanging around me the rest of the time?  Geez!

“Show me what you did.”

“It was soap water.  Sowwy.”

“What soap water?”

“”Right there.”

“Show me.”  You see how this is going.  She points, I ask ‘show me’ and we go round and round.  Eventually I tell her (again) she is NOT to have any water in her bedroom and what she did is wrong and she needs to go to time-out.

If three year olds could melt!  She runs into time-out and yells, “I DIDN’T GET ANY BREAKFAST!”

WTH?  It’s 3:30 pm, you have eaten numerous times today.  “I will get you cereal for snack, like I was doing before I noticed you soaked a box with water on your hardwood floor when you are done with time out!  Geez!”

“Sowwy Mommy.  I love you.”

“I love you too Jaizy.”


I'm so cute, I could NEVER get into trouble!

ETA:  This is also the same little princess who likes to get into trouble and blame it on the monsters/elephants/ocean.

For example:

About a month ago:
Jaizy is sitting at the desk watching something on and I notice one of the ipod cords has a hole in it, with wires exposed.
Me:  OMG!  What happened to this!  It’s a fire hazard, does anyone know what happened?  Jaidelyn:  The elephant did it.
Me:  What?    …   The elephant… ate it?
Jaizy:  Yea, the elephant came in and ate it.
Me:  What elephant?
Jaizy:  The elephant that eats the wire!
(Notice there is no “sowwy” involved.)  She finally admitted to biting the wire.

A couple of weeks ago:
Jaizy:  Help!  Help!  I’m stuck!
Jason investigates and finds Jaizy stuck climbing up her armoire and helps her down.  “How did you get up there?”
Jaizy: The monster put me up there!
Jason:  Oh, the monster, huh.  Bad monster.
(See the significant difference in our parenting?)

From just this afternoon:
Jaizy:  Digging through armiore looking for panties.
Me:  Jaizy, where are your pants?
Jaizy:  They are wet.  (I already saw them on the bathroom floor.)
Me:  Why are they wet?
Jaizy:  From the water!
Me:  What water?  (Really, why do I do this to myself?)
Jaizy:  From the ocean!

I really should add that we live at least 70 miles away from the ocean.  So, clearly she has quite an imagination.  Oh, and the desire to tell amazing stories that aren’t all that amazing.