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Ok, so… April 2, 2011

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I’ve met 2 of my 4 March Resolutions!  YAY!  I’ve registered my domain and combined my two blogs.  So all the posts that you used to find at can now be found here.  I will be closing that account within the next 30 days!  I will be also attaching my new domain to this blog by then as well!  Yipee!

Now I have to just get caught up on my blogging and continue writing on a regular basis.  No problem! lol…

I messed around with different blogging sites and I really like all the features that are on so I won’t be switching, however staying does actually require me to pay to forward my domain.  I think that bites!  There are many, many blog hosting sites that do not require a fee to do that, but since I don’t really want to start over, so to speak, and mess with exporting and importing (again!) I will just suck it up and pay the $12 a year.

So… here’s to goal accomplishments and success!  (and winning!)  (Sorry, had to add that in, my kids have been driving me nuts playing a Charlie Sheen game and it’s stuck.  How do I get it out?)


Wow… March 30, 2011

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I suck!  I haven’t written a post since… December?  My goodness, where have my manners gone!  And the crappiest part is I really don’t have anything good to write right now!

Here are my excuses and you can be the judge if I’ve had a decent reason to not blog…

  1. I’ve been busy. (yeah, who hasn’t!)
  2. In December and January I was working 4 jobs.  (See, told you I was busy!)
  3. In the beginning of January I started having pain, which led me to have surgery the end of January.  (It’s hard to blog when you’re in pain)
  4. In February I missed my gallbladder so there was no way I could write about food.
  5. In March, I’ve been busy.  See, right back to that again!  But really, with 3 immediate family birthdays it’s just been nuts!

But seriously, not 4 jobs busy. I quit my Hallmark job this month for several reasons.  One, it was taking too much of my time.  (dumb, but really?) Two, they wanted me to start tracking personal time and mileage and not get paid for it.  Um… no thank you!  It’s none of their business where I go between my house and my job, especially if I’m not getting paid for it!

In all seriousness, I’ve gotten lazy.  I’m still menu planning around my budget.  Just not on the computer like I was.  And I’ll tell you why:  Jason is doing most of the cooking now.  GASP!  I know, right?!?!  Since I’ve started working back in a child care center I work too late to get dinner on the table at a reasonable time so it’s left to him.  Now, I menu plan, shop and prep as much as I can.  Usually before I go to work I’ve done whatever food prep I can so he can just throw it in the oven or in the pan to cook.  Or I get stuff into the crock pot.  Usually.

But oh my God, I miss fresh bread.  And I haven’t had time for that since I started working at the day care in October.   And I’m sorry for that!

And another reason (No, not an excuse!) is that I rarely actually get on my laptop.  My phone does basically everything so I basically use it for everything.  But blogging would be difficult so I don’t use it for that.  Even with Swype it would be crazy.

So… here are my end of March resolutions.  Hey, I can do what I want!

  1. Combine and into one blog.  It will go by
  2. Register as a domain.
  3. Have a fairly active blog that will be a combination of my zany family tales and some of the yummy food that I feed them.
  4. Get caught up on some of the stuff that I HAVE made and taken pictures of but never got on the laptop to actually get posted.

Is that ok?  If I do those things can I pretty please be forgiven?

What about if I add whipped cream and a strawberry on top?

Ok then!  I’ll see you on the other side of fabulous!


Trials and Tribulations January 25, 2010

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Ok, so someone recommended that I try this, so I shall. I’m definitely not a Domestic Diva (unless you’re referring to my Brown Bag Party business!) but I try to be domesticated. I like to bake bread, try new recipes and cook made-from-scratch meals as inexpensively (and as healthy) as I can.
I will post my trials and tribulations in the land that is known as the Denakisland Kitchen. Yes, it should be it’s own land. Do I do the dishes? Not if I can help it! That’s what chores are for! So as the Queen of Denakisland I do what I do best: I delegate chores. But of course, if the minions, I mean family members enjoy what I cook, they should be willing to clean up. Right?