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Lazy Sunday April 18, 2010

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What a gorgeous day it is today!  I’m sure it’ll rain all week, it is April after all.  But I just don’t think we could have asked for a nicer weekend.

I actually broke out the shorts for Miss Jaizy today.  Naturally they are from last year.  Have you ever known a little kid that can wear her summer clothes for THREE years?  She’s so stinkin’ tiny!  Gotta love her!

Put off my menu planning this weekend and ended up grocery shopping today.  At Winco. *shudder*   I had coupons for free rice that I can only find at Winco, so away I went.  I was getting pretty peeved that just about everything I looked at was $1 MORE than it usually is at Freddies…  GRRRR!  Oh well, I stayed under budget and got 9 bags of rice fro free.

Came home to find out that Jaizy got hurt on the elliptical.  Well, duh, it’s not a toy!  I tell them this all the time, but her and Bubba still play on it.  Maybe no longer?  She wouldn’t walk on it for quite a while, but she’s fine now.  In fact she’s really excited for dance today.  I don’t think she’s been in a month!

Kosher got out and played this weekend.  He is such a ham!  Lol, ham… anyway… JoNathan was spraying him with the hose and he was playing with it.  FUNNY!  Wish I would have gotten a picture!

That’s about it… like I said, Lazy Sunday!