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2 years too long! July 21, 2014

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Yeah, I know… it was 2 years between the last two posts.  I suck. Whatever. 
No, really I’ve just been busy and refocusing my life and what I do with it.  
Let’s recap:

I moved.  I know I talked about this before my long absence, but I moved more than 45 miles away from where I lived.  That isn’t a lot, but where I moved to, it’s like a whole other world.

I started a new job/career.  Not only did I start a new (3 years ago…) job, but I switched fields 100%. I went from working in child care for 15 years to working in an office and then moving to a dispatch position for an export company.  I couldn’t have created a better job for myself.  I love it.

My oldest son, Matthew, graduation high school, joined the Army and moved across the county.  Seriously.  He’s currently living in Washington DC, training at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Graduation BadAss Army Soldier

My daughter started kindergarten, finished kindergarten, went through 1st grade, is on a TAG plan and is excitingly awaiting 2nd grade.  Yeah, she’s strange.  We love her anyway.  She really enjoys dance.  

First day of 2012/13 year  Jaizy Dance 2014 

We are gearing up for our 2nd senior.  JoNathan will be graduating this school year and will be checking out which college he will be attending.  He is looking to pursue the field of Sports Medicine.  This last year he did amazing in Track.  He even has secured the Captain position for next year’s track and field team.  Never before have they announced the captain BEFORE the season!  Way to go, Bubba!  


Caden is doing awesome!  He is very interested in Airsoft and has a group of people that he participates with.  He has done pretty well at school, and works hard.  He played football last year, but has decided to not play this year.  He had a pretty good year in track, too.




I hit this big fitness thing last year, lost some motivation, partially due to my dumb foot, and partially due to huge amounts of lazy.  I did manage to do a really fun 5K, the Color Run.  I even signed up this year, so I better get my butt back into training mode!  I should probably take off AT LEAST 20 pounds before then!


And the Mister and I are having fun with our relationship.  Just trudging along and enjoying the kids as they find who they are in the amazing world.  We hit 19 years of marriage this year.  We should plan something SUPER fun for 20 years!

Mister and Me


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