Welcome to the land of Denakis

That’s Denakis-land, NOT Denak-island! February 6, 2012

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Such a happy place.

That is my life right now.  Is everything perfect?  No, not even close, but the contentment that I’m feeling is unlike any other that I’ve felt in my adult life.  Probably my whole life, but really, who knows how content I was at 5 months old, so I really can’t make the comparison.

With all the crazy, amazing, baffling, terrifying, out-of-my-control transitions last year held I am really surprised that things have fallen the way they have in the last 5 months or so.  The kids are doing really well in school, I really like my job and Jason does, as well.  His job didn’t really change, as he is still working for the same company, he just transferred locations, and that was a big change in itself. 

This upcoming year will hold a few more transitions.  Hopefully, moving again (we love it in Saint Helens, however, this house is just NOT for us!), Caden moving on to High School and Jaizy to Kindergarten *sniff!* are just a few more changes in store for our family.  And I’m ok with that.  I think that the amount of change that has come at us and the way that we have handled it says a lot for my family. 

Which, naturally, reflects on me as the Queen of Denakisland 😉


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