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Um… I suck! June 28, 2011

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Here I promise to post more and then I don’t. Well, I have a handy dandy excuse, if you care. If not, oh well.
Life had been a basket full of crazy! Where to even start! I’ve been attempting to keep facebook somewhat updated, but even then things slip through the cracks.
But here I am, relaxing on the couch, kids upstairs (one of the new things- house with upstairs) chilling after a full morning at the unemployment office – oh yeah, that’s another one of the new things to deal with – and wait for a phone call from the new school district on whether or not Caden gets to be enrolled in their regular school or have to go to a private school.
Uh-huh, I told you lots of changes, didn’t I mention that?
And oh, by the way? I have a ridiculous amount of romance items for sale cheap, cheap, cheap since BBP went out of business. Contact me to get a list! I ship all over!


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