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Raspberry Chocolate (diet?) Cake February 27, 2010

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Yes, you read that right, it’s a “diet” cake.  I’m sure 95% off the female population has heard of weight watchers cupcakes, made with a box of cake mix and a diet soda.  And it’s worth 1 point.  Top it with fat free whipped topping and it’s a perfect solution to a sweet tooth.  And the combinations are ENDLESS!

Well, my lovely daughter sees a chocolate cake (raspberry mocha chocolate cake OMG!) on tv and says, “Mommy, can you make that for me?”  Oh sure, that’ll help my diet a whole bunch!  And then Jason says, “Yeah Mommy, can you make that?”
Yeah, sure, why not.  But I had a plan: Diet Cake!
Bought a box of devil’s food for $.88 at Walmart and a 12 pack of raspberry Diet Rite (I love that stuff!) for $2.98, plus deposit.
Whipped it up, just one can, mind you.  Stuck it in a silicone bundt pan and threw it into the microwave for 12 minutes.  
Out came the most yummilicious looking cake that I’ve seen in at least a week.
Oh yea, I remember what we were watching when she saw that cake on tv:  The National Wedding Cake Decoration Contest!  WOW.  That’s all I can say about that!
So, slice of yummilicious on plate with a dallop of fat free whipped topping: 2 points.  

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