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Finally! February 20, 2010

Filed under: Family,Healthy — Desiree @ 4:12 pm
Freakin’ finally!  I’ve dropped below my weight from December!
I gained 4 pounds over the holidays and kinda slacked off, not caring about taking it back off and keep going with the weight loss momentum.  Totally not going to meet my goal of 25 pounds before March 15th, but I’m going to lose as much as I can.
I’m officially the lowest I’ve been in 2.5 years and I’m excited about it!  My plan of action:  Get on the elliptical every morning that I don’t work.  And go for a walk in the afternoon.  I have my own little personal cheerleader, Jaidelyn!  She gets all excited when she sees me on the machine, it’s so cute! She’s all: Mommy, Yay!  You’re awesome!  I love you!
hee hee…

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