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recipes? February 16, 2010

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I realized last night, in the depths of my bed (I was reading my phone and trying really, really hard not to laugh out loud while I read blogs) I got sidetracked (like normal) and ran over to to look up Hungry Girl recipes.  Ok, so Recipezaar is my all-time, go-to, favorite recipe website.  I pull up a search, sort by ratings and go from there.  But then it dawned on my, I’m not “using” their recipes, I’m hijacking them!  I take them, mix them up, alter them to my own usage and call it my own.  Is this ethical?  Maybe… Maybe not…

What do you think?


Update: is now  Talk about easy!!!


2 Responses to “recipes?”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I think of it as using them for inspiration rather than “hijacking”. Would this be where you found “inspiration” for your bread recipes?

    • denakisland Says:

      Not so much from there, but from a little bit of everywhere. I mostly got my theory from Chickens in the road because she made it seem really, really, really simple. And turned out it was. But I tried different combinations until I found the one that was just right. I now know it in my head (which is really helpful) and can whip it up fairly quickly.

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