Welcome to the land of Denakis

Trials and Tribulations January 25, 2010

Filed under: Family — Desiree @ 2:01 am

Ok, so someone recommended that I try this, so I shall. I’m definitely not a Domestic Diva (unless you’re referring to my Brown Bag Party business!) but I try to be domesticated. I like to bake bread, try new recipes and cook made-from-scratch meals as inexpensively (and as healthy) as I can.
I will post my trials and tribulations in the land that is known as the Denakisland Kitchen. Yes, it should be it’s own land. Do I do the dishes? Not if I can help it! That’s what chores are for! So as the Queen of Denakisland I do what I do best: I delegate chores. But of course, if the minions, I mean family members enjoy what I cook, they should be willing to clean up. Right?


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