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Long Time, No See! December 1, 2009

Filed under: Family,Healthy,Scentsy — Desiree @ 4:39 pm
Ok, so I’m busy, sue me! (Please don’t, I don’t have any money!)
What’s been up? Let’s see…
Summer was fun.
Got a pet pig.
Enrolled a kid in each high school, middle school and got a kid back at Sojourner!
Lost my full time income.
Started selling Scentsy, in addition to kicking up my Brown Bag Party business.
Got my pig neutered. Yup, sure did!
Discovered the Farm Stand a block from my house and am going to miss it when it closes for the season.
Got an actual paying outside-of-the-house job. It’s very, very part-time with very, very part-time pay.
Almost had a car die on me, but we were able to perform CPR and get it all fixed! (CPR stands for Car Parts & Repair in this case, gotta love my husband!)
Joined Weight Watchers and lost 14 pounds. Quit Weight Watchers and lost another 6. I’ll keep at that, but I miss Weight Watchers!
Waited and waited and waited for New Moon, and was not disappointed!
That’s pretty much it.
I bet you’re wondering about that pig, right?
I’ll fill you in later, and NO it won’t be in 7 months!


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