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Convention April 20, 2009

Filed under: Brown Bag Party — Desiree @ 5:17 pm

I’m leaving for the Brown Bag Party convention in 2 days. I’m amazingly nervous. Not to go to convention, I’m totally excited about that! But to get there I’m taking a plane. I hate planes. Edit: I hate it when planes don’t do what they are supposed to: Take off and land safely.
I know that the chances of me not getting there or back is surprisingly low, and I’m sure I’m not doing myself and favors by dwelling on it. But I can’t help it. I don’t like to fly and I have no one to come with me and hold my hand. That sucks! If just one other person from the area had been willing to go we could have driven which would have made me so much happier.
(I swear, I must be living under a flight path right now and the planes seem SO LOUD! – I think they’re taunting me)
So… anyway, I get on a plant at 11 something on Wednesday and get back around 2:30 on Sunday. The days in between are going to be so awesome, I know, but the getting there and getting back are going to be Hell.


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