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Failure December 1, 2008

Filed under: Family — Desiree @ 7:27 pm

I’ve enrolled my son in a brick and mortar school today.
What? you may ask is a brick and mortar school? Well, I was not happy with the neighborhood school after we moved to the OC. I pulled them out of their great charter school for convenience purposes and I was not happy. When I called them at the end of the school year last year there would be room for Nathan to come back but not Caden. Poo. Really. Well at the risk of enrolling him into a different school just to have him switch to Sojo if there was room the following year I decided to just home teach him. But with help, so we looked into various virtual academies. Found the one we decided on and enrollment was fairly painless and away we went.
Well, it was frustrating to say the least. They based Caden’s placements on pre-tests. Well, he doesn’t read at level, so they placed ALL his core classes besides math at below grade level, so a lot of it is repeat, including math since he was in a charter school, he really is ahead in that subject. I could totally understand having literature arts at below grade level, but why science, history, social studies and etc? Why? So now he feels like a failure because he is literally repeating everything he’s already learned. I’ve brought this up several times to different people at the VA. Their answer? Well, he can pretest and skip it if he passes. um… how is that going to help him learn things AT grade level?
So… we initially set a date (last Wednesday) to evaluate the VA (virtual academy) subject and he could decide to go to a local public (ai: brick and mortar) school or keep going at the VA. He chose back to school.
So I went and enrolled him at the same school my child care kids go to, so at least he’ll know kids there and a bonus? It’ll help with transportation purposes!
He’s very excited to go. He came home and grabbed his backpack and then started playing the computer that will be leaving us soon. (it belongs to the VA).
Wow… I’ll get my work space back… that’s a good thing!
Plus maybe I’ll get some other things done during the day besides schooling. That’ll be nice.


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