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Google Calendar October 29, 2008

Filed under: Tips & Tricks — Desiree @ 11:52 pm

ok, so if you didn’t know I love… until recently.
Yesterday, yes yesterday, I discovered google calendar. It is everything cozi isn’t and better yet, it’s very compatible with my blackberry. Oh, it gets better every time I mess with it!

I can color code by person, I can only look at one “topic” and I was able to add different calendars, such as US holidays and lunar cycle on it. It even has a daily forecast.
It emails or texts reminders to me as I request and I can send reminders or invites to others by email.

I am going to delete my cozi account. I haven’t been using it as much. Since I got my blackberry I have been doing my shopping lists, menus, calendar, really everything on it. I was only frustrated with the inability to sync the calendar on my handheld with my cozi calendar. Well, problem solved.

Thank you phone tech wizard who has made my life so much easier… if I wasn’t already married with such a busy life, I would be hunting you down.

I highly suggest you check it out. Yes, you do have to have a google account, but if you don’t already have one, you really do need to get one anyway. Picasa is wonderful and now google calendar. Now all I need is someone to cook, clean, chaufer, and shop for me and I’d be eternally happy.


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